Electronic manual by Odoma

Nowadays, documentation transmission is simplified through electronic formats. However, diffusion monitoring is still poorly controlled. It is often necessary to make sure that users are in the know regarding information which must still remain confidential.

In order to come up to requirements of companies in the air industry, Odoma created an ergonomic solution to facilitate the daily management of users and their documents.
Initially designed for documentation management, the platform is improved with modules permitting internal communication for operations and for more social aims.

An accessible interface

To run and administer the tool, no specific knowledge is required. The interface is an user-friendly and ergonomic « front office ».

On the platform, each employee has a personal password. There is two major categories of account:

  • User accounts: these have « read only » access, it is the default account of your employees
  • Administrator accounts: these have read and write access permitting administrators to change accounts, documents and general options.

To insure access from any place in the world, the platform architecture was designed using universal languages readable by any computer (or « SmartPhone ») connected to the internet.


The Odoma tool is divided into modules which can be activated according to a company's needs.

Documentation management modules:

  • Manuals : for manual diffusion
  • Notes : for notes diffusion
  • Training documents : for training diffusion and MQC creation
  • DGAC documents : to archive documents and be informed of their impending expiry
  • Other documents : to publish any other publication

Employees' information modules:

  • Rosters : to publish crew schedules
  • Stopover : allows flying crew to share tips

A module to manage crew deadlines

  • Record and monitor information and expiry concerning licencing and recurrent training
Adaptation, personalization

For each client, Odoma provides a graphic personalization to complement each company's identity.
We may modify or develop new modules according to your specific requirements.

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